Environmental Stewardship with Jekyll Island

jekyll-island-environmental-steward-badge-768x764We have taken the Below pledge You should too!

As a Jekyll Island Environmental Steward, I pledge to:

  • Be dedicated to conserving Jekyll Island’s diverse natural environments, wild animals, and native plants.
  • Tread lightly in sensitive natural areas, leaving behind nothing but footprints and taking away only rich memories.
  • Respect all wildlife, big and small. I will remember that to keep wild creatures safe, healthy, and truly wild, we should never feed them, invade their space, or take them from the habitats that are their homes.
  • Reduce waste; reusing and recycling whenever possible, never littering, and helping to pick up after others.
  • Share knowledge and celebrate Jekyll Island’s conservation story.

By clicking the link , https://www.jekyllisland.com/conservation/environmental-stewardship/

The JI Conservation staff will send you details on additional steps you can take to be an Environmental Steward every day.